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Arnhild successfully defended her PhD thesis “the benefits of periodic health evaluation (PHE) of professional football players with a focus on musculoskeletal screening” in August 2018. The PhD thesis was a collaboration between Aspetar Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine Hospital and OSTRC. The project was performed at Aspetar Hospital, Qatar in 2013-2016 and completed at OSTRC and Norwegian School of Sport Sciences in 2018.    

Arnhild completed a BSc (Hons) in physiotherapy at the Queen Margaret University College in Edinburgh, Scotland (2003) and has a MSc in Sports Physiotherapy from Norwegian School of Sport Sciences (2011). As a master student, she was involved in a video analysis project at the OSTRC analysing injury mechanisms in World Cup Snowboard Cross.

As a physiotherapist, Arnhild has a broad clinical experience from Scotland (2003-2006) and Norway with a special interest in treatment and rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgeries. During her time as a PhD student at Aspetar Hospital, Arnhild was involved in screening and testing of athletes in Qatar. Arnhild is a former cross-country skier and handball player.

Arnhild is currently working as a research coordinator at the Medical Department, Oslo University Hospital Ullevaal.