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Information about project titled 'Injury surveillance during a kenyan youth football tournament'

Injury surveillance during a kenyan youth football tournament

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Project status: Published
Project manager: Marianne Lislevand
Supervisor(s): Thor Einar Andersen, Kathrin Steffen



Participation of girls in football is growing in Kenya, at the same time, football in Kenya is also used for community and individual development. The occurrence of injuries in sports and the negligence of the injured players have caused an early exit of talented players in most developing countries.

Studies from female youth football in Europe and North-America show an injury incidence ranging from 9-22 per 1000 match hour and 2-5 per 1000 training hours. Few studies have been performed on female football in Africa.


The aim of this pilot project was to analyze the incidence, circumstances and characteristics of injuries during a two-days national female youth football tournament in Kenya.



Specially trained Kenyan injury reporters registered on a standardized injury report form. An injury reporter was present at each of the fourteen fields. They were supported by 4 physiotherapists and 2 doctors.

Injuries were defined as all injuries, painful conditions or physical complaints that occurred during the match, even if the player could continue to play.