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PhD position in Biostatistics and Sport Medicine


We have a PhD position in Biostatistics and Sport Medicine at the Oslo Sports Trauma Research Center, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences

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A common research question in sports medicine is to study the relationship between workload and risk of injuries or other health problems.  To explore this relationship, data on the amount and intensity of training and competition together with injury and health status are collected at multiple time points for each athlete, such as every week or at every training session and competition, for a fixed time period, say six months. This type of data is called intensive longitudinal data (ILD) and comes with both opportunities (the ability to study very specific and detailed research questions) and challenges (missing data and complex data structures). The topic of how to analyze ILD is quickly gaining attention in the sports medicine literature; however, no consensus has emerged on the recommended statistical approach.

The overall aim of this PhD project is to use cutting-edge statistical tools and models to analyze ILD. Both real life data from OSTRC and simulated data will be used to evaluate and compare the properties of different statistical approaches.

The project has collaborators from OSTRC and Oslo Centre for Biostatistics and Epidemiology (OCBE), which is one of Europe’s largest biostatistical research groups. It will be led by Morten Wang Fagerland, a senior biostatistical researcher both at the Norwegian School of Sports Sciences and OCBE.

Read more about the position and apply by May 16.